We look forward to hearing from you and wish you
a nice trip.

Thanks to our new dispatch system, we can monitor
all of our taxis on the Internet.


Siemensstraße 18
85716 Unterschleißheim

Tel.: +49 89 / 23544788
Fax: +49 89 / 23544787

E-Mail: info@taxi-ush.de
VAT no: 144/194/71101
Owner: P. Di Bella

The heart of our company, the extremely modern taxi office, is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your taxi order is fed into our dispatch system by the responsible employees. The system then searches for the nearest vehicle and dispatches your order directly to the taxi's internal display.

The display also informs our driving employees about special needs and wishes concerning the customer. The system also ensures that orders in advance and/or standing orders are reliably executed on time.